Blood Bowl, Food, Drinks, Awards and More!!! As always this event will be held at Ft. Neiberger in Gainesvegas on Saturday, December 19th from 11am-11pm (give or take). This year will also feature the last NAF/VOODOO Tournament of the year with MOON BOWL now taking place on the same day.

$15.00 Registration Fee BEFORE January 31st (cash or paypal gift to
$20.00 Registration Fee AFTER January 31st (cash or paypal gift to
**ALL COACHES MUST BE OR BECOME NAF MEMBERS** If you are not NAF, please sign up at the event for $5.00** (In addition to the other registration fee)

What to Bring:
3 Copies of your Team Roster
Block Dice
Your Blood Bowl TeamWhat you Get:
4 Games of Blood Bowl
SWAG and PRIZESTournament Schedule::
Registration 12p, / Round One at 12:30pm
Four Rounds

Tournament Rules:
This is a RESURRECTION style event. Games will be played using NAF Tournament rules which includes DZ 1 and DZ 2 with the normal NAF Streetbowl rules.
• Illegal Procedure will not be used.
• Turns are to be coaches’ pace with a 3.5 minutes turn timer if requested
• Rosters reset after every round. This means that injured players are restored to health and players gained through Raise the Dead are lost.
This also means that there are no earnings or Fan Factor increases.
• Models MUST have some form of identification for skills that are purchased onto their players. The TO recommends skill bands and will have some at the event.
• The tournament d6 are the only d6 that can be used. GW or NAF block dice are preferred, but any are allowed.
• Swiss Pairing Rules
• Points: based 25 Win, 15 Draw, 5 Loss, 1 TD, 1 CAS

Team Build will follow the Standard NAF Approved Rules for Street Bowl with the following exceptions:
*Starting Gold is 700k (This includes team build and buying skills). All teams get 1 magic potion for free.
*Max 1 Skill per player, including Moon Buffs
*Big Guys no Skills unless STUNTY
*No Leader SkillLow Gravity Adaptation (Player adjustment)
All players are used to the gravity of the Old World and feel stronger on the moon, but only a few adapt to their new environment. One player gets +1 Strength for free.One Small Step (player adjustment)
Due to the lowered gravity of the moon, one player gets the Leap skill for free since they have mastered moon walking.Floating Ball (ball adjustment)
At the end of every turn, if the ball is not in the possession of a player, scatter the ball once.

Prizes will be awarded for:
1st Place
Runner Up
Most CAS
Most TD
Best Defense
Stunty Cup
Wooden Spoon