Ancient City Brewing is the location for this event on Saturday, November 21st, 2020.
Doors open at 10am and the drinks start at 11am.

Chris “Florida Man” Nelson will be the TO for the event with the hopes of bringing a little Thanksgiving support to a local food bank in need. Trophies and Swag (dice, decal and poster) will be provided by TO.

Registration will be $10.00 with plans to donate all collected money to the food bank as well. Thanksgiving Food Donations will provide your team with some bonuses (to be announced once NAF approves the rule set) for a 3 round 11’s Turkey Tussle!!! This will be a VOODOO Event!!!

Waiting on NAF approval of the ruleset but here are the guidelines for this event:

Date: Saturday, November 21 at 10 AM – 7 PM 
Venue: Ancient City Brewing, 3420 Agricultural Center Drive, St. Augustine, FL 32092  
Entry Fee $10 
Contact: Chris Nelson, 

11:00 – 11:30: Registration 
11:30 – 1:30 : Round One 
1:30 – 2:30 : LUNCH 
2:30 – 4:30 : Round Two 
4:30 – 6:30 : Round Three 
6:30 – 7:00 : Awards Ceremony 

3 copies of your Team Roster 
Dice (1d8 & Block Dice), Blood Bowl Pitch, Dugouts, Templates (Corresponding to your Pitch Size) 

3 Games of Blood Bowl 
The chance to help families in need this Thanksgiving 

You have 1,350,000 gold to spend on your team which is broken down into 1,100,000 gold to build your team and  then an additional 250k on skills, extra players, coaches, etc. (NO STAT UPGRADES) 

Normal Skill: 20,000 
Double Skill: 30,000 
Big Guy: Double Normal Skill Cost (unless part of Stunty team) 
*No Normal Skill can be selected more than 4 times 
*No Double Skill may be selected more than 2 times 
*No player may have more than two additional skills added 
*Star Players may be purchased, but only if the team has 11 other players 
*Cannot add skills to Star Players 
*Bribes may be purchased at the standard rates: 50k for Goblins, 100k for all others  

In the interest of safety, masks will be worn at all times by attendees and dice will not be shared. Please  refrain from touching your opponent’s models and maintain at least 6 ft of distance whenever possible.  

Players are encouraged to bring canned and non-perishable food to donate to a local food bank for families  this Thanksgiving. There will be special bonuses for those who donate, and a Trophy for the person who  contributes the most food for donation to families in need.  

If you donate 5 items of canned and boxed thanksgiving food, you receive +1 Fan Factor for the tournament. If you donate 10 items of canned and boxed thanksgiving food, you receive +2 total Fan Factor for the tournament. If you donate 20 or more items of canned and boxed thanksgiving food, you receive +1 FAME for the tournament. 

Win 25 points, Draw 15 points, Loss 5 Points, Touchdown 1 Point, CAS 1 Point. Tiebreakers will begin with number of donated items, followed by Net TDs, then Net CAS and finally coin toss.