Meet the coaches
of florida blood bowl

These are our most prolific coaches who participate in tournaments, league play or both!

john alberto

NAF: AlphaWolf

One of the most integral members of the early days in the formation of Florida Blood Bowl, John Alberto, is presently the number one blood bowl 7s player in the entire world. Known for his exceptional ability to predict the “meta” of any particular tournament , John has won more FLBBL tournaments then any other member of Florida Blood Bowl. Despite his competitive nature, he’s actually a really great guy, and FLBBL is better because of his membership. Just try not to pair him against new players in the first round of a tournament.

Chris nelson

NAF: Florida Man

Florida man is not the hero we need, but the one we deserve. His list of accomplishments include 18 tournament championships, back to back 2018 and 2019 voodoo tournament series championships and a 7 straight tournament win-streak. He is also the recipient of the best rivalry award for Florida Man vs. All of Florida. His secret to success? A Florida state flag headband he never washes, and doing karate to “You’re the Best Around” and “Burning Heart” before every tournament. Truly a force to be reckoned with!

josh wojcik

NAF: Jogrenaught

The stunty king himself, Josh Wojick built a well deserved blood bowl reputation on the backs of his favorite blood bowl team – the Denver Brogres. A three time chaos cup attendee, Josh has played in virtually every blood bowl tournament in the State of Florida, and has won more stunty cups then must people have regular cups in their kitchen. A huge part of the blood bowl community at large, Josh also runs a painting service (Josh Wojick’s miniature painting), and routinely donates gift certificates of his painting services to tournament organizers to be used as winnings or raffle prizes.

jason york

NAF: AlMightyPePe22

Defensive focused coach (2020 Chaos Cup Best Defense) no matter what team I play. Co-commissioner of the North East Florida Blood Bowl League. Tournament Organizer of the River City Seven Series and River City Dungeon Bowl. Head Honcho for the Voodoo Tournament Series in the deep south.

eric neiberger

NAF: Joker2and53

Rogue Scholar and Captain Mighty Beard, Eric Neiberger is the author of his own story full of high adventure, political intrigue and the right mix of sexy and suave. Eric is the heart and soul of Florida Blood Bowl and has proven time and time again through his generosity, good will and comradery that if we follow, Eric will lead us to greatness.

ken parks


Ken Parks is that weird guy who over thinks his lists but isn’t too far gone to roll with the Skulls and 1’s. When in doubt … Ken is not afraid to don a pink bikini as pure distraction technique. Tournament Organize for Loser Bowl and inheritor of the Hooky Bowl Tournament franchise, Ken has become one of the pillars of Florida Blood Bowl.

Jason Gallotello

NAF: Voorhees_Carnivean

J. Voorhees Gallotello has been painting miniatures since 1987 and is happy to report that after 33 years of practice he is now almost two thirds as good as Josh Wojcik. He has been playing Blood Bowl since 2017, has organized 7 tournaments, each with a ruleset more fiendishly ridiculous than the last, and won the VOODOO Award for Most Casualties in 2019. In 2018 he started a Diabolical Sports Desk segment on his YouTube channel (Dr Carnivean’s Diabolical Picture Box) and has recently started producing fully animated blood bowl games rendered in stop motion. His sign is Capricorn.

nicholas blackie

NAF: Grentain

Joining Florida Blood Bowl at the tail end of 2018, Nick Blackie was quick to make an immediate impression. Holding himself out as FLBBL’s resident dwarf player, Nick is a firm believer that the death roller makes every dwarf team better. A ginger by birth and by trade, Nick finished third over all in the 2019 voodoo series. Despite being an exceptional painter and modeler, he 100% did not paint Eric Neiberger’s Alan Mann Vampire Model.

clay haire

NAF: GentleGiant

Known affectionately as “Gentle Giant,” Clay is a larger than life blood bowl player in the North East part of Florida. Clay is a co-commissioner of the Northeast Florida Blood Bowl League. Clay also organizes Big Daddy’s All Star Cup & the Ancient City Barrel Bash 7s tournament each year, and also holds the record among FLBBL TO’s for most attendance at a single tournament.

will mayo

NAF: DwarfTossers

William Mayo is one of the most talent blood bowl coaches the southeastern United States has to offer. Hailing from Jacksonville and a staple of the Northeast Florida Blood Bowl League, Will was the champion of the first blood bowl league he ever played in. Also the reigning 2020 chaos cup champion, Will has but one weakness in his blood bowl life. Goblins. Lowly. Goblins. He has never beaten a goblin team at chaos cup. He has never beaten a goblin team in a league championship match. Goblins are his kryptonite. Every other team is kindling for his blood bowl fire.

tim forster

NAF: Vegeta021

“Vegeta021”aka Tim Forster one of the founding members of powerhouse Northeast Florida Blood Bowl League in Jacksonville FL. A longtime commissioner, coach and mentor; Tim has taught more players than he can count to play the Bloodbowl. He can often be heard saying, “Math Hard!” & “Defense wins Games.”

chris forster

NAF: Tombstone_Frank

Known as “Tombstone Frank”, Chris Forster is a Founding member of powerhouse Northeast Florida Blood Bowl League in Jacksonville FL. A coach and mentor from the early 90’s, he has taught more than 100 players to the game. A routine Fan Favorite, Tombstone Frank will always be there to help.

brian farabee

NAF: DurtWataFlashMob

Playing Blood Bowl since back in the 90s, Brian rediscovered it on console and when 2016 tabletop came out, he picked it up on a whim not knowing anyone else locally who played. Through social media Brian found Florida Blood Bowl, started going to events and has developed a love of, not only the game, but the Florida Blood Bowl Community as well.

Veronica kampschroer

NAF: Veerja

The better half of the “Benonica” power couple that is Ben and Veronica Kampschroer, “V” began playing blood bowl after giving up a career in acting and modeling. A lover of dem orc “greenskins” great and small, V is also an avid supporter of the FLBBL community at large, and routinely hosts 7s tournaments at her house. In her free time, V is active with the Citrus County Young Professionals, all of whom she plans to convert into blood bowl players in the future.


NAF: Nornbreeder

Ben “NornBreeder” Kampschroer enjoys playing with miniature toy creatures and using dice to imbue their actions with meaning, all the while guzzling his weight in dooks aka beer. He likes painting, sculpting, and kit-bashing his little critters. 7’s and Dungeonbowl are his preferred variants, and he reluctantly runs the Florida 7’s League.

destin dawsy

NAF: NukaFett

A 2019 convert to the world of Florida Blood Bowl, Destin Dawsy currently holds the distinction having the most well groomed facial hair of any coach in Florida Blood Bowl. A regular stunty player and a huge fan of the flying ‘flings, Destin can always be counted on to compete for any and every stunty cup in the land. His humble demeanor and natural good looks make him a welcome addition to and blood bowl tournament.

justin lovins

NAF: Trudem84

Justin enjoys moving small plastic and metal pieces around the board in hopes of having a good time and usually finishes somewhere near the middle of the pack. He joined the blood bowl scene in 2018 and regretted it ever since!

steve grohowski

NAF: Ancientcityarms

“Uncle Steve” Grohowski is truly a legend (in his own mind)! He has been active in the Northeast Florida Blood Bowl scene since 2018 after a 20 year hiatus from the game. “Uncle Steve” has consistently placed at or near the top (of the bottom third) in every tournament he has entered!

Patrick Wynn

NAF: Sturmjarl

Pat has been playing Blood Bowl since 1995. He’s been involved in leagues in Ocala, FL, Orlando and Houston, TX. The first Three Kingdom Challenge was Pat’s first tournament and has since traveled the U.S. for tournament play as well as attending the World Cup in 2019. Pat dislikes Dwarves and Millennials but would share a drink with either so long as well-painted miniatures are involved.

ken atkinson

NAF: PaladinKWA

Ken discovered Blood Bowl in Hobbytown in college circa 1998 when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. His favorite teams include Skaven and Halflings. He plays in local leagues in Pensacola, FL and hosts the annual Tombstone Cup. His favorite player is Fast Monterey Jack; his gutter runner who is a one turn touchdown machine!

adam kadlec

NAF: S1lentFall

Adam Kadlec is an up and coming coach who has only been playing since September 2018, but has attended numerous tournaments throughout Florida and Georgia. Known more for ‘hating the meta’ rather than his coaching abilities. “I just want to throw some dice and cause chaos. Now where’s my beer?”

josh biscotti

NAF: Biscotti

Josh Biscotti has been playing blood bowl since 2018 when he was first introduced to the game by the bushy Beard Jones. Known simply as “Biscotti” to his friends and enemies alike, he plays Khemri, Khemri, and more Khemri, and refuses to play any team other than Khemri. Always Khemri, all the time. A Swiss army knife of talents and laughs, Biscotti is covertly leading the online Khemri petition to ensure GW releases a Khemri roster in Blood Bowl 2020. In his spare time he enjoys his family raising his ducks on his farm.

zack lermen

NAF: Mowgli

New to Florida Blood Bowl, Zach Lerman joined FLBBL after a career in role playing games at the insistence of his good friends Beard Jones and Josh Wojick. A quick learner, he suffered a stinging defeat to John Alberto at Big Daddy’sAll Star Cup. Since that fateful day, he has ripped off a string of tournament wins to make any coach envious. Fluent in six languages, Zach regularly serves as FLBBL’s resident interpreter. Of course, to our knowledge, no one in FLBBL has ever needed an interpreter.

beard jones


Beard Jones aka LEGION aka James Luft has been playing Blood Bowl for many moons and has achieved many star player points including; Personal bestie with Lord Borak the Despoiler, co-founder of the “Triple B” Blood Bowl League, Tournament Organizer for 40+ Tournaments, Member of the Two Drunk Flings & Friends Podcast, NAF Regional Tournament Organizer, Stunty Cup Legend, Co-founder of the Voodoo Tournament Series in the deep south and Champion of all things Florida Blood Bowl. 


NAF: DoctorDuckButter

Ryan is a Cimmerian. He was born on a battlefield and is the son of a village blacksmith. Ryan matured quickly as a youth and, by age fifteen, he was already a respected warrior who had participated in the destruction of the Aquilonian fortress of Venarium. After its demise, he was struck by wanderlust and began adventures like encountering skulking monsters, evil wizards, tavern wenches, and beautiful princesses. He roamed throughout the Hyborian Age nations as a thief, outlaw, mercenary, and pirate. Ryan’s adventures often result in him performing heroic feats, though his motivation for doing so is largely to protect his own survival or for personal gain.


NAF: Marcv2

The token foreigner, Marc was assigned to the Florida Blood Bowl League by the United Nations. Acting as an impartial observer and spends his playing time tracking down biased dice and adding them to his personal collection. Sadly most of these dice appear to be biased against him, probably on the basis of him being English.

magnus michael

NAF: IronMaster720

Magnus, eternally on milk cartons to see if anyone can find him and then subsequently thrash any team he brings to the table. Known for wildly chucking dice around and laughing manically when things go great or when his own team is about to get pitch cleared. If you see him make sure to report him to the tournament organizer and make sure to take a picture with him just to have proof cause they wont believe you.


NAF: Aftershock912

Brad “The Yankee” moved to Florida from Wisconsin to become a professional alligator wrestler. Once he found out that alligators live in water and he remembered that he can’t swim, he met up with the most Floridian “Florida Man” Alaska could find … aka Chris Nelson. After 1 practice game, Brad jumped into Blood Bowl and hasn’t left like a Kroxigor passing its bonehead check.

joe kohten

NAF: Tuern_Blackvenom

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kody drake

NAF: RageGuard

Florida Blood Bowl’s resident Vampire player, Kody Drake is John Alberto’s half brother. Another large supporter of the Blood Bowl 7s format, Kody like his brother can often be found “metaing” before every blood bowl tournament he attends. The quintessential ladies man and soccer star to boot, Kody is internet famous for inventing the word “meta-ing.”

alex cavenas

NAF: Acavenas

Brought into the Florida Blood Bowl gold by his college buddy Frank Funke, Alex is FLBBL’s second smallest player, weighing in at 126 pounds. Residing in Orlando before moving to south Florida, Alex plays predominantly Orcs and lizardmen. A glutton for punishment, Alex has already committed to playing nothing but Black Orcs for an entire year when Blood Bowl 2020 drops.

mike mullally

NAF: FeralChicken

Been waiting for Nuffle to bless these dice for 22 years. The windy city didn’t give me luck, so I thought the sunshine state may be different. Nuffle doesn’t care about a geographic location. He wants insanity…tears…so that’s what my Stunties give him.

will c.

NAF: Ikeda

Will fled the AOS scene and came into the Blood Bowl fold in 2020 with his Dwarves and Vampires. He quickly discovered he enjoyed being beaten by Nuffle so has devoted his time into Goblins and Snotlings. Maybe he just has a thing for Green skin.

howard adams, jr.

NAF: ThePoPo

Based in Gainesville, Fl, ThePoPo has been playing Blood Bowl since the 90s. He’s an avid fan of Snotlings in Blood Bowl 2020 rules and has declared 2021 his #YearOfSnotlings. Once a player of Khemri, Halflings, and Goblins, he is ready for the challenges his boogie flingas will bring. He is bacon brother to James Luft and will never miss a breakfast or second breakfast. He refuses to play on top table.

francis funke


Deep in his heart, Frank believes that every model he has is over priced and under performing. Frank is also a firm believer that a Saurus needs to come with block right out the gate and that if he one day can beat Eric, John, and Florida Man in the same tournament, his hair will grow back.

paul fixl


Paul has been playing blood bowl before any other player in Florida was born. Paul doesn’t under stand why people hate playing dwarves and he thinks people using the “death rolla” are sissys. Paul won the first Annual Street Brawl tournament with his infamous Dwarf Giants team.

john hunter

NAF: Catconverter

One of the premier coaches in the NEFLBBL has made it to the playoffs in each season he has played and is the one of the hundreds of coaches brought to the game by Tombstone Frank. When playing Chris the game quickly becomes the spectacle of the season no game comes close to the trash talk that occurs between these two.

mike "tree" tremarche

NAF: TreeMonkey

The Big Tree, Michael Tremarche is a member of that famous class of players that joined the Florida Blood Community following James Luft’s Hooky Bowl III in Orlando in 2017. A staple of the Melbourne Blood Bowl scene, Tree is the number one Nurgle player in the State of Florida. Tree always brings his “A,” game to the table, and provides quality matches and quality laughs to all of his opponents.

david lynch

NAF: Kilmor

Sick of being ‘the standby Godzilla cuz you’re the tall Asian’, Dave sought other vocations to unleash his hatred. He met Ryan “the Cimmerian” Marsh and now enjoys flushing money down the toilet and pushing small models around, all in the name of Nuffle.

dave "doombeard" arvelo

NAF: Doombeard_Dave

Known more commonly as “Doombeard Dave”, David Arvelo is the Most Violent Blood Bowl player in the world. He holds the NAF World Records for Casualties in a single match, 3-game, & 6-game tournaments. If you’re playing against Doombeard Dave, just know that the musical accompaniment of Slow Jams/Sade playing during the match is mandatory, and is scientifically proven to cause good vibes. Your wife/significant other will also thank him later for setting the mood. Doombeard Dave in his daily life is a sports agent and has recently relocated from Richmond VA to the jungle of Coconut Grove in Miami FL.

Jared burkett

NAF: Derpanzermann

The final and most dangerous member of the four horsemen of the Jacksonville Apocalypse, Jared Burkett plays ringmaster to the blood bowl beasts that are Clay Haire, Justin Lovins, and Will Mayo. A lover of all teams that live underground, Jared only plays skaven, goblins, underworld, or their arch nemisis – the dwarves – in proper 11s Blood Bowl. In his free time, he cultivates megalomaniac desires and is determined to bring more riders to the Jacksonville Apocolypse’s fold.

michael mars russell

NAF: Mrussell

Like a vanishing Tennessee leprechaun, Michael Mars Russell joined Florida Blood Bowl in 2018 and then disappeared to Virginia just months later. No one has seen or heard from him since. Little is known of his background or where he came from. He left no forwarding address. He left no internet footprint. He left no NAF identification number. Rumors of the existence of his tournament, Moon Bowl, have never been substantiated. Some wonder if Michael Mars Russell ever existed at all, or if he was just an ethereal manifestation of a certain Florida Man’s existential projections. FLBBL, and indeed, the world, may never know.

liam hurling

NAF: Liamh1991

Liam Hurling is one of the original tournament organizers in Florida. Famous for his love of Goblins, Liam was the second Englishman the United Nations assigned to monitor the eponymous “Floridamen” of Florida Blood Bowl. Liam is most famous for wining the award for painting the best Vampire at Bloody Valentine’s II, and for producing the cutest babies of any Florida Blood Bowl coach. In fairness, the credit probably belongs to his wife.

in memoriam

Florida Blood Bowl Coaches Who Are Gone but Never Forgotten!

brian hess 1973-2018

Blood Bowl Coach and Big Fan of RUSH

“Celebrate the moment
As it turns into one more
Another chance at victory
Another chance to score
The measure of the moment
Is a difference of degrees
Just one little victory
A spirit breaking free”

alan mann 1971-2018

NAF: Kk4nof

Alan Mann was a staple of the 2017 and 2018 Florida Blood Bowl tournament scene, and was one of its earliest tournament organizers. The standard bearer for blood bowl in Winter Haven, Alan was responsible for organized the Bloody Valentines tournament and the Beach Brawl tournament, both of which were held at A Hobby Shop. A painter and modeler with a big heart, Alan modeled, painted, and donated multiple blood bowl teams to tournament organizers to be used in tournament raffles. A zealous defender of his friends and the Florida Blood Bowl Community at large, Alan could always be counted on to wear his heart on his sleeve. Alan passed away in 2018 and is sorely missed.

rey tirado 1970-2019

NAF: ReyTirado

Dr. Rey Tirado was an integral member of the Get Your Fun On Blood Bowl league in Melbourne Florida, and attended the first two blood bowl tournaments in Florida in 2017. A well regarded physician that was dedicated to his patients, Rey somehow found the time to build an immense board game collection. Among his most cherished blood bowl moments was attending the Death Bowl team tournament at Crucible 7 with his son, Sebastian, in October of 2018. Two weeks later, he earned his only tournament championship at Orktoberfest IV: ‘Semble Da Clanz. Dr. Tirado passed away in 2019, and is sorely missed.


BLOOD BOWL COACH and a GAMER Through and Through

Ryan was a coach in the North East Florida Blood Bowl League in the JAX/St.Augustine area and was an enormous supporter of our favorite game. I talked to Ryan once or twice a week and finally met him at Clay Haire‘s Big Daddy’s All Star Cup Tournament and found Ryan to be warm, outgoing and very excited to be a part of the Florida Blood Bowl Community. Anytime I did a group miniature order or had a special project, he was quick to support it and wish me all the best. Most recently he jumped in on the last wave of Florida Blood Bowl Polo Shirts and was thrilled to get one. I’m saddened by the fact that I will not get to see him wearing it and playing the game that we all love which brought us all together. RIP Ryan, you are already missed!!!      – James Luft

What is the VOODOOO Tournament series?!?

How competitive are you?!? Go beyond winning a single tournament and set your signs on winning a whole Tournament Series!!!

The Voodoo Tournament Series will have its third year in 2020 as an NAF Sanctioned Open Tournament Series.

Any Blood Bowl tournaments run in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee will be eligible for points as long as they follow the rules outlined within and any coaches who are registered NAF coaches will be able to participate.

If you join the NAF during one of the tournaments, you can accumulate points moving forward and cannot have points retroactively added if you join the NAF at a later date. 

What are you waiting for?