While I know that 2020 rules may not be approved for tournament play as of yet I’m hoping to run a very straight forward event to being to feel out the structure of the rules as well as develop new coaches in the area.

TV will be based on tiers in the 2020 rule book:

Tier 1 will have 1.1 mill
Tier 2 will have 1.15 mil

Tier 3 will have 1.2 mil

Only teams listed in the Core Rules, the Teams of Legend PDF and the NAF rosters for Khorne and Slann will be allowed.

Teams will be built to not exceed the above values, including all skills, upgrades, players, inducements and team goods. Star Players may be induced after the team has 11 rostered players, and only Star Players listed in the 2020 Rule Book and Spike 11 as well as Akhorne maybe taken. All skills will be purchased as selected skills (no random skills for cheaper), stat upgrades are allowed. No player may have more than 2 upgrades.

Highlander Rule will be in effect for Star Players.

3 rounds using Swiss pairings.
Win – 30 pts
Tie – 15 pts
Loss – 5 pts
TD 1
Cas 1

Tie Breakers will be determined by Net TD then Net Cas. Should a tie still exist, water balloons at 10 paces shall determine the order.

Entry Fee will be $15 payable in cash or PayPal to kenparks42@gmail.com

Rosters are requested by the 6th of February.

Registration 1100-1130
Round 1 1130-1345
Round 2 1400-1630 (lunch provided during this round)
Round 3 1645-1900
Awards to follow
Awards Grand Champion and Stunty Champ (or 2nd place if less than 3 Stunty Coaches) will receive prizes.