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Coliseum Cup 2021 Blood Bowl Tournament

While I know that 2020 rules may not be approved for tournament play as of yet I’m hoping to run a very straight forward event to being to feel out the structure of the rules as well as develop new coaches in the area. TV will be based on tiers in the 2020 rule book:...

Florida Blood Bowl Presents: The Tournament of Champions

The last big tournament of the year is to celebrate all of the league and tournament champions in the VOODOO region for 2020. If you are a league or tournament champion in 2020, you get a bonus +1 fan factor added to your team for free for every championship earned....

Blood Bowl Season 2 UNBOXING by Beans & Dice Podcast

Michael from Armada Games comes by and shares his copy of the upcoming release of Blood Bowl: Second Season. More information about Armada games can be found at https://shoparmada.com Beans and Dice is a tabletop gaming podcast and video channel focused on board...

Three Kingdoms Challenge: V is set for April 2021 at CRUCIBLE 9 in Orlando, FL.

Get on board Florida Blood Bowl’s oldest tournament as we move from the Manhandle in the Panhandle to the Showdown in the Swamps!!!

Florida Blood Bowl Invades Chaos Cup 2020

Chaos Cup 2020 almost didn't happen this year due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, but with some expert planning on the part of Tournament Organizer Jeff Gallenbeck aka Jeffro, the event took place with just under 50 attendees. A big part of the turn out this year was...

Florida Blood Bowl is not just a league or a tournament … its an idea, a brand … a home for all coaches playing Blood Bowl in Florida.

Many of our Florida Blood Bowl Coaches started traveling to tournaments outside of the state and we wanted to represent what Florida Blood Bowl is all about and the banners were born. These banners have been all over the Sunshine State as well as Tennessee, Georgia and Oklahoma!!! 

I want you to join & Bring the doom!

Countdown to the Next Florida Blood Bowl Tournament

Florida Blood Bowl's Next Table Top Tournament will be the COLISEUM CUP 2021
run by Ken Parks and hosted at Coliseum of Comics in Kissimmee, FL
at 11:00AM on Saturday, February 20th, 2021.








memorable tournaments

Florida Blood Bowl absolutely loves to promote all of our incredible tournaments. We are very fortunate to have the insanely talented Gary Radziak help us fulfill all of our elaborate ideas with his mind bending creativity. 

Florida Blood Bowl has featured every tournament the NAF has to offer; Standard Blood Bowl, SE7ENS, Street Bowl, Beach Bowl, Death Bowl, Dungeon Bowl, Dungeon Bowl 7’s and yes, even Rat Ogre Bowl.

Take all of those different Blood Bowl Variants and then add a theme to it. Whether its pop culture movies such as The Princess Bride or John Carpenter’s They Live or maybe some creative new ideas from the mad mind of Dr. Carnivean featuring fan favorites Crazy Charlie and Rufus, we have run a tournament for everyone. We even had an event to celebrate the sunshine state’s own “Florida Man” with his Red Solo Cup Tournament.

Take a spin through our most Memorable Tournaments Gallery and help us celebrate the extraordinary talent of Gary Radziak who has done more than two dozen different tournament poster designs for us.

the diabolical sports desk

Florida Blood Bowl is Extremely Fortunate to Feature Heavily in the Diabolical Sports Desk hosted by Dr. Carnivean and Rufus!!!

Take A Look Inside florida blood bowl

From 2004 to 2020, Florida has had more than 100 Blood Bowl Tournaments across the Sunshine State.

Starting with the legendary THREE KINGDOMS CHALLENGE run by former NAF Treasurer and NAF Legend Jim Lanier aka OldManMonkey all the way up to 2020’s Big Daddy’s All Star Cup run by Clay Haire, here’s a gallery of some of our best event pics.

Our coaches

Meet Some of the Amazing Coaches that Make Up Florida Blood Bowl

Jason York

NAF: AlMightyPePe22

josh wojcik

NAF: Jogrenaught

eric neiberger

NAF: Joker2and53

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